Chinese Mail Bride Cost: What You Need to Know

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Are you interested in buying a Chinese bride but need to know how much this will cost you? Read on to learn more about the average prices of Chinese brides and what you’ll need to pay when making your purchase.

Mail order Chinese bride's cost

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Average Chinese Mail Bride Cost

Chinese mail-order brides are highly sought after by foreigners due to their exotic beauty and traditional culture. While it’s true that Chinese women come from a different cultural background than many Westerners, there are still plenty of ways to bridge the gap between these two cultures during the marriage process. One way is to find an experienced matchmaker who specializes in helping foreigners buy a Chinese wife.

chinese mail bride cost

But before any of this can happen, it’s essential to understand the costs associated with purchasing a Chinese bride. In perspective, the average price for such services starts at around $15,000 and can exceed $30,000 depending on your budget and preferences. This cost covers airfare and related fees, administrative services (such as registering or obtaining documents), wedding fees (including decorations and entertainment), clothing & jewelry costs, and legal fees associated with getting married abroad. And while these are just estimates, they give an approximate idea of how much money one needs to invest in securing such a lifelong commitment.

Additional Costs & Requirements for Obtaining a Chinese Bride

Aside from the upfront expense of purchasing a Chinese wife, other factors can affect total costs, such as visa processing times and additional documentation requirements for entering foreign countries. It’s also important to remember that some countries may require you to obtain additional insurance coverage for your new spouse before being eligible for entry – something that could add extra expenses to already expensive services.

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Reviews of Chinese Mail Order Bride Sites

Review 1:

Using a Chinese dating website has made it easy to find the perfect woman for me. I could find exactly what I was looking for in terms of cultural background, age, and interests. The staff at the site were accommodating throughout the process and gave me all the information and advice I needed to make a successful purchase. Highly recommend!

Review 2:

I had a fantastic experience with a Chinese dating site. They answered all my questions quickly and were incredibly helpful when it came to finding a match for me. Despite being from opposite sides of the world, we have been able to build a strong connection that continues to grow every day thanks to their services.

Chinese wife

Review 3:

Finding a bride through Chinese wives’ sites was one of the best decisions I ever made! The process was smooth and straightforward, and their customer service team was extremely accommodating during all steps of this exciting journey. Highly recommend anyone looking for an exotic love connection!


Finally, it’s important to remember that one’s eligibility for marriage depends on certain criteria set forth by both governments involved. Depending on where you live and intend to marry your Chinese mail-order bride, special forms or certifications may be required – something that could add even more costs to the overall service package provided by agencies specializing.

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