The Fascinating World of Indian Brides: A Cultural Perspective

Indian mail order brides are simply those Indian brides that do not want to date and marry a fellow Indian man and are willing to find a husband from abroad. They are doing so out of their free will, and there are several reasons for them to want to do this. Without a doubt, reasons vary from one Indian bride to another, but the most popular ones are:
  1. Desire to find a man they would truly love. Unfortunately, it is a common practice in India for brides to know their future in advance since arranged marriages are still a thing. In order to avoid such a life where they have to marry someone they do not love, brides from India are trying to look for a man who would be compatible with them.
  2. Respect and loyalty. A lot of Indian men are not too loyal and are not committed to one lady. This is not something brides want, so they are interested in finding husbands who preach loyalty to their brides.
  3. A genuine interest in broadening their dating pool.

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Appearance of Girls from India

At last but definitely not at least, Indian brides are very appealing visually. There is something exotic in their appearance that is not common anywhere else. Pretty Indian girls have a number of features which distinguish them from other ladies:

Beautiful tanned skin

Because of the climate in India, Indian brides have a somewhat darker complexion that resembles a subtle natural tan. Because of being exposed to the sun, their skin is soft and silky and is always clear since the sun conceals all the blemishes.

Silky black hair

Brides from India are famous for their beautiful long charcoal black locks that they braid.

Marvelous facial features

This is exactly what makes Indian brides different from their western counterparts. They have strong features with big dark eyes.

They are petite and slim

Indian brides are very tiny and because of the beauty standards across the country tend to be very fit.

They regularly exercise and care a lot about their diet.

Apart from that, a rather interesting feature of brides from India is their attire. They are extremely fashionable and follow all the latest trends. However, they are also amazing at mixing it up with bringing the traditional clothes into their everyday outfits. All the pretty Indian girls have a lot of sarees, colorful and beautiful.

indian brides

Features of Indian Brides

Now once you know who Indian women for marriage are and have a basic understanding of the reasons that make Indian brides turn to international online dating agencies for help in finding a husband, you may wonder whether or not you would like to find yourself an Indian mail order bride. In order to help you understand if Indian singles are your type or not, this article will provide you with a collective portrait of an Indian bride.

However, before this overview goes any further into describing all the features which your future Indian bride may have, it is important to remind that the traits listed below are neither mandatory for the Indian singles you will meet online, nor are they exclusive. This means, just like millions of brides of other nationalities, Indian ladies take pride in the unique features that they possess that make them stand out in a crowd. They are not all the same, and this is exactly what makes them so interesting and appealing.

Therefore, if you are looking to connect with brides from India, you need to remember that all the information you have learned here can only be used in order to have a solid starting point, but you need to get to know all the ladies individually through talking to them yourself!

They are fluent in English

Sometimes, however, this can be rather tricky. It is a known fact that, unfortunately, in India, people are often not that great at speaking English. Therefore, a language barrier can be quite an apparent obstacle on the way to creating a strong bond with beautiful Indian women. For this very reason, it is essential to choose the platforms for dating them wisely and look for sites that offer translational services. Alternatively, you could also search for Indian singles from large cities that receive significantly better education and, subsequently, can express their thought in English as if it was their first language.

They are smart

Learning languages is not so difficult for brides from India since they are generally very smart naturally. Even though a lot of Indian ladies that come from rural areas often do not have access to high-quality education, they still strive to improve themselves and get as much knowledge as they possibly can. This is a cultural peculiarity of brides from India. Because of the hardships of living in the country, they understand that it is pivotal for them to take any chance given to them. One of the examples of this is the fact that education is free in India, so it is likely that your Indian bride will have at least an equivalent of a high school diploma.

Moreover, brides from India are also very garrulous, they are not too shy when it comes to talking with strangers, and can fit in easily. Due to their broad scope of interests, brides from India can make a valuable and valid contribution to pretty much any conversation. This is a particularly important trait if you are looking for a lifetime partner and are interested in marriage since you would not want to be stuck with someone who is not interesting for you intellectually — after the initial spark fades away, there should be more to your relationship than carnal desires.

Apart from this, considering the fact that Indian girlfriends are so eager to learn, you can be a real role model to your future Indian wife. Mentoring her, sharing your viewpoints, you can shape her view of the world in a way that would be suitable for your beliefs. This is exceptionally alluring to those men who love to feel in charge of the relationship and be praised.

Indian girls for marriage are lively and honest

In addition to the previous point, brides from India are very honest in their actions and feelings. They are sincere in expressing their emotions and they are simply not capable of lying. This is not a part of their culture to excel at all sorts of trickery. One of the key principles of Indian culture is based on the belief that you need to be legit and truthful. Lying is, in fact, viewed as a sin.

Furthermore, these ladies are also very lively. Unlike a lot of Eastern European mail order brides that love to play hard to get and therefore appear extremely reserved, brides from India are very approachable and amicable. In fact, Indians as a nation are very talkative and easy to communicate with. They are much more open to conversations than western people and it is not considered weird to have small talks with people which you do not know.

Therefore, you should not be worried about Indian brides being not loyal. Due to her natural honesty and traditional, conservative upbringing, it is very unlikely for your Indian bride to ever cheat on you or do anything behind your back. These ladies always support their husbands and do their best to maintain a marriage.

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They treat the family as the highest priority

Family is of the greatest importance in Indian culture, and a lot of — if not all of them — brides from India are brought up with that belief in the center of their inhibited system of values. Traditionally, for Indian brides, it is pivotal to do what is best for their family, and therefore they are often extremely influenced by the desires and opinions of their parents.

As it has already been discussed earlier, brides from India are often the objects of arranged marriage, so it is clear that their destiny is pre-determined by a number of factors. While this is not always definite, it is, indeed, a strong indicator of how much family means to brides from India if they are willing to comply with that.

Divorces are rare in India

In fact, conservative upbringing is something that is intrinsic to a large number of Indian ladies, and when they start a family of their own they apply those behavioral patterns they had been observing in their childhood to their relationships. This means, for a lot of Indian wives, it is important to have a happy and healthy family. They are not prone to starting arguments over small things or having scandals solely due to an insignificant suspicion. On the contrary, they are always trying to do their best to save their marriage. Among brides from India, it is not common to get a divorce, so they will go out of their way to fix a foul relationship if things go south.

The aforementioned reflects on the importance of a life-long commitment to the life of an Indian woman. If they love someone, they do so recklessly and undividedly, without any doubt. Hence, if you are not interested in serious relationships, you should consider looking into brides who are less traditional and conservative.

They know how to take care of the household

At the same time, brides from India are also incredibly good at completing household chores. They are okay with being stay-at-home wives as the feminist movement that is so popular and advanced in the Western world has not really reached India yet. This is why brides from India can give up their careers and dedicate their lives to bringing up kids and maintaining the well-being of their families.

Besides, Indian ladies make great mothers: because they are surrounded by a lot of kids from a very young age (it is normal for Indian couples to have a lot of children), they have often delegated some chores and know how to look after children. They have strong moral values and are strict enough to teach those to their offspring.

However, while they do all this, it is simply impossible to work, too. Therefore, in Indian culture, it is usual for the husband to be the head of the family and the main breadwinner.

Indian women are realistic

Nonetheless, brides for marriage in India are very good with money. While it is the husband who brings all the money to the family and works hard to earn it, Indian women often manage it from there. This implies that it is Indian wives that are in charge of the family budget, which is a rather big responsibility to put on the shoulders of these tender ladies.

Such a tradition, however, means that brides from India are very pragmatic and realistic and can see a clear financial situation and further evaluate it. Yet, they do love luxury and are quite interested in relationships with men who can efficiently support them financially.

What Is the Best Indian Wife Finder?

Indian brides are well-represented online since they are extremely eager to find themselves a foreign husband. For this reason, it is not difficult to come across an account of a marvelous single woman of Indian descent. Nevertheless, you still need to be careful when trying to meet your love online. You need to make sure that the platforms you use are legit and applicable for the purpose. Here are some of the best places to search for brides from India:

Asia Charm

  • The largest Asian online dating site that has a lot of profiles of beautiful Indian brides;
  • High response rates;
  • Signup on the site is free.

Romance Tale

  • Has outstanding moderation that weeds out all the fakes;
  • Uses great matching mechanisms that ensure maximum compatibility;
  • It has a lot of Indian ladies to match with.

Match Truly

  • One of the largest international dating sites that are extremely popular among brides from India;
  • It has an advanced search tool that allows members to narrow down the search in accordance with their specific preferences.

Tips for Dating Indian Women

  • Learn customs. Indian culture is diverse and quite different from that of other countries, so best learn what your Indian bride does and follow that.
  • Do not rush. Physical intimacy before marriage is not common in India, so do not expect sex to happen soon.
  • Respect her and communicate with her.