The Alluring Charm of Dutch Brides: A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Match

Dutch mail order brides, as well as medieval culture and architecture, is a reason for the popularity of the Netherlands among residents of other countries of the world. And if cultural education can sooner or later become boring, then hunt for Dutch brides is relevant at all times. Why does it happen? Let’s try to understand the material below.

Dutch Dating Culture

A few decades ago, it was difficult to even imagine that you can easily get acquainted even with girls from near cities. And one could not even dream of international acquaintances and relationships. Now you can not only chat with beauty from any country but do it right at home or in any convenient place. You just take your smartphone and start chatting with mail-order brides from around the world. Getting to know and chat with a girl has never been so easy!

Using modern dating sites or marriage agencies with matrimonial services, you can select any Dutch girlfriends who currently live in another country and even in a different time zone. There is no need to go to a certain country to meet your love and organizing a marriage. Find a girlfriend that could be family-oriented is easy!

Though Dutch girls of any age, status, education, and country are now available to you, we recommend that you pay attention to Dutch mail-order brides. These girls are not just beautiful or have a stunning figure. They gathered several important qualities that the husband adore in his wife and which will be very useful to them in their future marriage.

Appearance of Dutch Brides

Dutch women for marriage are very different from each other. Here you can find representatives of an outright Scandinavian appearance with blond hair, skin, and eyes, as well as the Central European type of women for marriage. Usually, there are brown-haired women with bright eyes.

Fit Figures

The type of figure for pretty Dutch girls is quite different. Of course, many girls take care of themselves, play sports, and adhere to a healthy diet and water balance. But some Dutch brides are indifferent to their appearance (we will explain why below) and it does not matter to them whether they fit into the world standards of beauty or not.

Stylish Clothing

One thing is certain. Dutch singles love fashion and shopping. But they can not be called spenders at the same time. All their purchases are justified. Often, buying a lot, a girl, however, manages to save a lot, without denying herself all pleasures, at the same time.


Dutch brides love to adorn their bodies. A very large number of local ladies are owners of at least one tattoo and piercing. So here it is customary to express oneself.

Natural Makeup

As for makeup, there is a completely different situation. Like many other Europeans, beautiful Dutch women are completely obsessed with cosmetic innovations. More precisely, they care little about makeup. They are quite conservative in this matter and prefer to look natural or wear minimal makeup. Much more attention is paid to the skin and body care. Local brides are regular customers of spas, beauty centers, massage rooms, tanning salons, pools, and saunas. So they rest and relax.

Traits of Dutch Brides

Self-Esteem of Dutch Brides

Anyone can envy the self-esteem and self-confidence of the Dutch brides. Having even an imperfect figure or an unattractive appearance, she walks with her head held high and speaks to you only if you are truly worthy of her. Once here, you will notice that local men are seriously concerned about their appearance, education, and self-development. All this is done with only one purpose – to please Dutch singles.

This is all because a Dutch woman decides everything. With whom she will spend time, whether she will be married, whether family relationships will remain – it all depends on the desire of the lady. Nevertheless, if a man is unmarried at 35 or divorced, he is considered to be unsuccessful. A woman may not marry, get divorced and have no children without receiving any public censure.

It is a woman here who decides with whom her child will remain after the divorce. The court will always support the female side of the issue, even if, ceteris paribus, a man as a father is better raising a child.

So, deciding to conquer the Dutch bride, consider her special situation in her country.

Practicality of Dutch Brides

Dutch mail order bride is deservedly considered a very economical and rational person. In her house and wardrobe, there is not a single superfluous thing, and she practically does not make spontaneous emotional purchases. One of the reasons for this is a concern for the ecological environment and the reduction of consumption in everything.

To do this, the Dutch mail-order bride always compiles shopping lists, which consist only of the most necessary in the house. In stores, it strictly follows the recorded, practically without departing from a list.

Dutch bride’s wardrobe is fully verified, where all things are easily combined. This allows her, buying 1-2 things, to create many new sets, refreshing them with new accessories and shoes.

After marriage, the situation does not change. On the contrary, Dutch mail-order bride attracts a spouse to her ranks, if before that he lived differently. It is customary here in the family to buy the necessities in bulk while saving considerable money. Despite the abundance of various cafes and restaurants, the family often dines at home. On weekends, it is also customary to spend time with family, and inexpensive and useful hobbies are welcome.

Honesty and Sincerity of Dutch Brides

No wonder Dutch girls for marriage are considered one of the most straightforward and open in the world. They welcome relationships that are honest from the start, without accepting any double standards or hidden meanings.

Many of them are family-oriented and when meeting a potential husband, they try to immediately know his plans and goals. If a man counts on an exciting evening or night, then their date is over. Except when mail-order bride herself wants to have fun in the company of a pretty stranger. But in this case, she will not hide it.

Many foreign men can be quite surprised and even shocked that a Dutch pretty single woman on a date does not talk about romantic things but conducts an interview. Just for Dutch mail-order brides, a serious and lasting relationship is not only love and marriage. It is also compatibility with a partner, the presence of common views on issues of principle to the girl. This may apply to politics, religion, culture, literature, family life, and more. You just discuss everything first, so that later it is easy and clear to establish contacts, build a strong marriage.

Family Values of Dutch Brides

Local women relate to family and relationships with their inherent practicality. They can be called family-oriented but the Dutch wife will never tolerate an unacceptable attitude towards herself or the whole family. If something does not suit her, she will not maintain this relationship, despite the number of children or love. The wife always loves herself more.

She treats her parents with reverence and care. She worries about the health and well-being of every family member, helps to solve any difficult situations, pays for treatment, gives expensive gifts. Nevertheless, mail-order brides prefer to live separately. After adulthood, they are looking for a comfortable apartment near the institute or work (while saving money on transport), if necessary, take a car loan. That is, they try to live an independent life but not forgetting their loved ones.

To meet the mail-order bride is easy enough because they are frequent visitors to shopping centers near their homes. And during periods of discounts, many Dutch brides go to different stores to buy the right thing at a low price.

After the birth of a child, the mail-order bride tries to give him enough attention, instilling in him what she can do. She will not be a “reverent mother” for a child. He will receive enough freedom for his full development.

How to Get Dutch Brides Online?

How can you get Dutch brides? Okay, you have a couple of ways:

  • come to the country and try to find a girlfriend and date there;
  • use a special dating site or a marriage agency with matrimonial services.

The easiest way is trying to look for Dutch wives online. Moreover, many specialized dating sites help to do this practically with matrimonial services on a fee basis.

It is needed a little to do this. First, choose the dating site with matrimonial services that you like and suit your criteria – interface, availability of a mobile application, ease of use. When such a dating site is found, it is worth signup there. Having a profile allows you to freely enjoy all the benefits of the selected matrimonial service.

Depending on the pricing policy of a dating site, part of its services may be paid. If so, then for full use you need to replenish the balance. Usually using paid services greatly facilitates and speeds up the search for wife online. For example, you can select mail-order brides more carefully (taking into account a larger number of criteria), receive translations of messages in the selected language, use the resource without ads, become the owner of a special premium icon so that your account often gets into the search results.

It is worth noting that all such matrimonial services work completely on legit terms. They are officially registered and are taxpayers. Also, they worry about the security of their users, which is why all servers are equipped with special devices to detect potentially dangerous content and scammers. The servers are also protected from hackers and virus attacks using special software. So, find a girlfriend and try to create family-oriented strong relationships is safe now!

Tips to Win Dutch Brides

To be the best when dating Dutch women and become a good husband you should follow the next tips.

Behave Appropriately

Despite being completely confident in their irresistibility, Dutch bride for sale will not appreciate your gentlemanly manners. You should not give a family-oriented mail-order bride a hand from the car or open the door in front of her somewhere. It is unlikely that future wife will like it, and she will not want any continuation with you.

Be Confident

Typically, the Dutch mail-order brides are accustomed to full male submission but your resistance will be a success because you will thus become a desired goal for any of them. They will conquer you, and you will have to choose.

Never Argue

Never argue with them, even if the Dutch mail-order brides say complete nonsense. The main thing is that you know the truth and this is quite enough. If you begin to argue and prove your case, it will end in a quarrel and a spoiled evening.

Mind Financial Literacy

Thrift and economy – something that the family-oriented Dutch mail-order brides will enjoy with pleasure even in a foreigner. Collect discount coupons, receive and collect chips in stores, which can then be exchanged for cash. This will make it more attractive than if you owned the most expensive car.

Don’t Expect Her to Have Great Cooking Skills

Dutch brides are no different in their love of cooking homemade food, so don’t ask her to even make a sandwich for you. In her understanding, cooking means warming up in the microwave or waiting for the courier to deliver.

Don’t Discuss Other Women

Never discuss anyone with your chosen mail-order bride. On your part, it will be an attempt to unite with the chosen one. But the family-oriented wife can regard it as your inappropriate attention to other ladies.


If you want to get Dutch mail-order brides for yourself, know this path will not be easy! But it can be greatly simplified by using the helpful tips and tricks that are listed above.