Italian Brides: The Perfect Combination of Beauty and Confidence

One of the prime questions you might be asking yourself if you are interested in meeting Italian mail-order brides is why do pretty Italian girls even turn online to search for love on the internet. Considering their alluring looks, one might think, a sure thing it should not be a challenge for them to get any man they want at their feet. Such belief creates a number of unnecessary associations and wrong assumptions that lead to the dissemination of myths. It is important to bust those once and for all.

First things first, Italian mail order brides are most definitely real women who have signed up to international dating sites out of their free will and are not paid to be present on there. In fact, they only benefit from having a profile there as much as you do: they get a chance to connect with someone special and potentially create a meaningful bond with them that would even spark a relationship. Other than that, they get nothing out of talking to singles online and are doing it because they really want to.

Italian Dating Culture

Apart from that, it is also important to state that the reasons for which the brides can be interested in creating an account on matrimonial services vary from one lady to another. Unlike a lot of their mail order bride counterparts, the brides are lucky to reside in one of the most marvelous countries in the world. Both politically and economically, and rarely experience any hardships related to the living standards. Therefore, it can also be said that the fear Italian brides are out there hunting wealthy men down for their heritage should not be an area of concern! In fact, the top things that push women to do.

They Want to See the World

Genuine desire to travel the world and spice up their romantic life. Italy can be a piece of cake to live in but sometimes even the happiest people want a bit of a change in their lives.

Women from Italy Want to Wides the Dating Pool

They want to widen the dating pool available to them. 

Brides from Italy Prefer Foreigners

They do not like their local men. It can be quite difficult to believe since local men are objectively considered to be the most attractive males in the world, but it is pure facts. Unfortunately, it is not all about looks, and Italian men can often have very complicated characters, they see no problem living with their parents long after they are 30, and women are often not too happy to put up with such a habit. Apart from that, the divorce process is extremely difficult in Italy, so women do not risk to do it with their local gentlemen. 

Features of Brides from Italy

Now that you have learned a bit about the reasons for Italian brides to be seeking foreign men, it is time to find out a bit more about what they are like and what makes them so special. It is obvious that not every single Italian bride will check all the boxes of the description below. But considering this is a collective portrait of an average Italian mail order bride, you can expect your Italian girl to be at least somewhat similar and have some of the following traits.

Know everything about dating culture in Italy, you’ll be able to meet and date a girlfriend from this country and build long-term relationships with them. The ladies from Italy are very family-oriented so if you treat them right you can have a happy family life together. Meeting these women is very easy with the help of online marriage agencies and local matrimonial services.

Italian Brides Are Expressive And Loud

One of the things about Italian characters that do not need an introduction and is quite stereotypical is how passionate they are. In fact, this is absolutely true: Italian brides are incredibly emotional and are not afraid to use their voices. 

If you want to connect your life with an Italian bride you need to be ready for a lot of loud noises and screams, and laughs and fervent gestures. All of these are a part of Italian culture, and it cannot be taken away. If you want to find a girlfriend from Italy you need to know how to date these ladies. Also, please mind that they are very family-oriented so they won’t be up to hookups. These brides are looking for long-term relationships that could lead to marriage and creating a family.

Italian ladies are extremely enthusiastic and passionate and have a million ways ready to express how they feel about a particular situation or thing. While it may be somewhat traumatic if you ever get into a fight with your Italian girl (best belief, plates will be flying and glasses will be crushed), the make-up part is equally as passionate: very vocal, very enthusiastic and very steamy. 

They Love Food And Know How to Appreciate Finer Things In Life

Another stereotype that is actually absolutely accurate is that Italian women love food. This is true: these ladies know what makes a great meal and would not agree to anything less than that.  They are used to fine dining and can make all the amazing Italian dishes such as pasta, lasagna or pizza from scratch. Those recipes are in fact their family heritage and are passed on from generation to generation. Therefore, if you tie knots with an Italian bride you can expect being treated to a number of outstandingly delicious home-made meals. 

However, despite being excellent cooks and seemingly indulging a little bit too much into savory delicatessens, it does not affect their figures. These ladies remain petite and toned because their dining is very correct. While they never keep away from desserts, their diet has a little secret to it that allows Italian brides to maintain their fragile figures: they eat like royalty. Nothing too greasy or unnecessary junk food would ever be seen on their plate, their meals are always full of vitamins, nutritious and not too hard for the stomach. Moreover, they do not snack often, which allows them to keep the perfect balance. 

Italian Girls For Marriage Are Exceptionally Beautiful

Italian brides are known to have classic beauty. Just look at Sofia Loren and Monica Bellucci, which is a fairly accurate representation of what most of the Italian ladies look like. They care deeply about their appearance and do everything possible to enhance their natural beauty. However, even without these additional procedures, they can boast admirable looks:

  • Beautiful dark hair
  • Smooth olive skin
  • Prominent facial features such as plump lips and high cheek-bones
  • Beautiful green or brown eyes
  • Curvaceous hips

Most Italian brides have either an hour-glass figure or are pear-shaped, which means they have the appealing thick thighs.

Apart from that, Italian brides are also amazing at dressing to impress. Italy is home to a number of worldwide famous fashion houses and brands. It is not surprising that Italian women know how to choose appropriate clothes to outline their shapes and highlight their beauty.

Italian Brides Love Having Fun

Skipping a couple of glasses of wine at dinner is a part of Italian traditions. However, not only beverages constitute the adventurous and risk-loving routine of Italian brides. These ladies are always down to have a friendly get-together or even a full-blown party as they love being surrounded by people. They are fun and love having a good company. 

Apart from that, these ladies also are interested in keeping their relationships exciting. They perceive love as a game and therefore do everything for it to always be a spark and lots of fun. They can often play hard to get and throw some fits to attract your attention and spice things up a bit, but if that is something you are looking for, Italian brides should be your first choice. 

Italian Women Are Family-Centered

It is not a secret that family is of the highest importance to Italian wives. Despite wanting to have a successful career, they are always ready to give up their aspirations. They want to dedicate all their time to ensuring the well-being of their loved ones.

Italian women for marriage love kids and have a natural gift for raising them. It occurs that Italian brides have an incredibly strong maternal instinct. It kicks in as soon as a girl finds a man she thinks is worthy of her love. 

They Are a Bit Dramatic

Not to overuse popular culture examples, but Romeo and Juliet’s story will best illustrate this feature a lot of Italian girls tend to have. Because they cannot stand boring days and plain relationships. They are always looking for some drama, which can sometimes be unnecessary. 

These Women Are Clever And Interesting to Be Around

Besides everything else, Italian brides make great girlfriends. They have all the aforementioned traits that make them so popular among singles from all around the world. They are also incredibly clever. If you are after a long-term committed relationship, it is essential for you to want to be around your partner. It is only possible if the two of you have something to talk about.

Italian brides are very well-educated and know a lot of things, hence it will not be a problem for the two of you to have various conversations and keep the relationship steady and going. Italian women are very family-orientated. These brides love taking care of the husband and children. Thus, Italian brides are looking for a compatible partner on online matrimonial services. That’s why creating an account on an Italian dating site is the best way to get a girlfriend from Italy.


The Best Italian Wife Finder on the Internet

Italian brides are active internet users; hence it should not be a problem finding them on various international dating sites. Nevertheless, it is still important to make sure you pay enough attention to finding a marriage agency. The dating site you choose to search for Italian mail order brides should have a large choice of legit profiles of females. Here are some of the best matrimonial services:

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What to Know Before Dating Italian Women

Just like any other woman, Italian brides have a set of certain things they are looking for in a man. Here are some of the features any ideal man should have to attract an Italian mail order bride:

Return Favors

This concerns every sphere of your life together. Do not be that guy that expects a lot but does not give anything in return. 

Be Loyal and Faithful

Italian brides love to have a bit of drama in their lives. But they are not happy to have the reasons to argue. Therefore, enjoy her supportive nature. And never ever think about flirting with other women while in a relationship with your Italian lady.

Flirt with Her

While other girls are a taboo, you are required to flirt with your Italian girl. They are used to hearing compliments from men, so better learn a couple of interesting lines. 

Be a Man

Be tough on the outside but soft on the inside. Italian girls love a man that can protect her and be macho in public. But when you are alone with each other, you shall no longer be a tough guy. You should rather turn into a true romantic softie.